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We are introducing to you a service of rental and service of entrance mats or SERVIS entrance mats. Clean and elegantly designed entrance to your office or workshop will be provided by our replacement service. Therefore, your mat will be always clean and ready to catch all dirt, dust, sand or water we otherwise bring inside from outside on the soles of our shoes. Save yourself the effort and time spent cleaning the entrance areas and have the entrance to your business constantly clean and under control.

SERVIS entrance mats

To ensure that your mat is always in great shape and function, we will visit you regularly in a specified cycle (once a week or once every two weeks, or once every four weeks) and will always bring you a cleanly washed mat and carry away dirty mat to be washed. This is what we call a Replacement System. We are flexible and, thus, able to adapt to your requirements and to set the frequency of the replacements according to your wishes. We are able to service the area of Prague, Central and Northern Bohemia several times a week, e.g. in the winter months. All you have to do is to agree with us and we will ensure that our service worker is with you on the specified days.

LOGO mats

Do you want to welcome your visits by a look at the logo of your company? Do you care about corporate identity and is corporate look of your premises important to you? In such case, let your incoming visitors be impressed by elegance of the unique LOGO mat, e.g. with the logo of your business.


Do you want to place the mats, for example, into elevators and have a different inscription every day? We are able both to provide you with a TAILORED mat to an elevator and to come up with an original inscription or design, different for every day. Many customers choose the original design (shapes and sizes) or shape of mats to the reception area, where your visits stop for the first time since they have entered, and here is the right opportunity to let the originality of the pattern and of your creativity, associated with the quality functionality of the mat, stand out. Call us to find out more about our TAILORED mats service.


All dirt remains outside and your interior will be protected by our outdoor mats, so-called first cleaning zone. We offer an outdoor mat that looks like grass with the possibility of selecting colours and logo of your choice. The mats are extremely resistant to weather and have high ability to capture coarse dirt. Ideal combination with LOGO mats for the uniform look of your entry areas.


Important safety symbols with a possibility of your own design on a mat in signal yellow colour will increase your workplace safety. Loose cables in offices and manufacturing places pose a risk of falls and injuries. Take advantage of a special mat offered by us with bright reflective edge and with ability to cover and hide cables on the underside of the mat. Avoid the risk of accidents and falls and increase, using our mats, safety for your employees and visitors.

ERGO mats

Our ERGO mats will provide you with health and safety when standing at a workstation for long periods. We offer you ERGO mats both to production and to offices, we are able to adapt to your needs. We offer ERGO mats for both indoor and outdoor use, wet spaces, chemical production, with a distinctive yellow edge to increase safety in production, with possibility of custom design of both colour and logo for commercial counters. Take advantage of our anti-fatigue mats to increase safety and support of a healthy way of working.


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